Raised Garden Beds

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All steel garden beds are the best way to do your raised vegetable garden or decorative garden. The attractive Colorbond® steel is strong and lightweight and will last for years.

  • Safe for vegetable gardens- no toxic chemicals to leach out.
  • Can be built to your specifications, in modular sections.
  • all sizes and shapes
  • Looks great in modern yards as well as with older homes.
  • Cheaper and easier than building a timber garden bed.
  • Easy to install and can be moved between seasons. 
  • Saves space in the garden.
  • Call now with your requirements, or browse the shop for ready made garden beds.

round840 gardenbed Raised Garden Beds d raised garden bed Raised Garden Beds

  • Make it easier for gardeners with back problems, elderly and wheelchair accessible.
  • Can be used in courtyards or for garden beds on patios and units.

raised vegetable garden Raised Garden Beds tomato garden Raised Garden Beds

This is how we make them, using Colorbond® steel, available in 20 colours.  They can be made in any shape or size and can be put together to form a beautiful landscape design.


2 Responses to Raised Garden Beds

  1. Peter

    Can I buy the curved sections so it is easier to transport in my ute ,and then I can pop rivet together.

    What is the cost and pick up / delivery details ?

    Lookout vegies here I come,

    Cheers,Peter.Brisbane Qld.

    • Anonymous

      You sure can. This is how we ship them long distances. Best call Jeff, tell him the colour and size, he will curve it up and supply you with the hardware and edging. Pickup is at Northgate, Jeff will tell you when it is ready. call him on 0414 244 504