square garden beds

square garden bed 300x296 square garden beds

Our square and rectangular garden beds are cheap to ship because they can be flat packed.  If delivered in Brisbane, they will come fully assembled. If you live out of Brisbane or if you prefer to pick up and would like a smaller package to fit in your vehicle, the flat pack kit is extremely simple to assemble in minutes, with everything supplied.  These ones, just like our curved ones look great because of the superior materials and workmanship used in the construction.  Custom shapes and sizes can be made to order at off the shelf prices.  So far we have made L shape, triangular, U shape as well as square and rectangular.  The usable area of these  is very efficient and suit a multitude of garden styles and designs.  I am looking forward to growing tomatos, capsicums, chilies, basil and maybe zucchinis in three long narrow rows of these in 41cm high, 60 cm high and 83 cm high.  This stepped arrangement with a narrow path between will look gorgeous and will ensure maximum sunlight in the small area I have for them.  On our garden beds shop page toward the bottom there are three standard square sizes of these for easy online purchase, but if those sizes don’t suit, call  for a quote on any size/shape  you need.

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